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  1. This is an online platform where the artist will be able to display their art work. Artist may not have to participate in Art shows or to go to different art galleries for their art work and client(s) will be able to see and buy the art work directly.
  2. This can be a golden opportunity for the artist who has a passion toward Arts but due to any reason they could not take their artwork to the art gallery.
  3. Who all can be Emerging Artist: Housewives, Arts Students, Arts Teacher and Professors, Upcoming Artists, who have passion for the Art, but they don’t have the platform t showcase their Art Work. They are reluctant to go to Art Galleries, exhibitions of their Art work.
  4. Emerging Artists are also not able to go to big Artist, so this platform gives such emerging artist a platform to showcase their Artwork. This way their Artwork will be recognized in the field of Arts
  5. There is award money of Rs. 1.00 lacs for the best Emerging Artist. A panel of prominent judges will select Best Artwork from the Emerging Artist, registered on this platform.


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